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modern life – a mashup of time lapse, mobile phone video and long exposure ND photography


notes on the documentation of everything and the seeing of nothing. notes on falling asleep. notes on waking up.
- some notes I wrote at the time.

Last spring I was experimenting with the combining of long exposure neutral density photography with time lapse, and cuts of video from my iPhone.

Its nice to have documented the changing tides, the shifts in colours and light you sort of catch yourself taking for granted when you live by the sea. I remember enjoying how for one day at least, the process of making this, made me slow down and watch it all just drift.

Musical credit: with kind permission ‘Modern Life’ by Stuart O’Connor.


What did I use:

  • Canon7D
  • 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter 
  • Tripod
  • Timer remote switch
  •  iPhone
  • iMovie
  • A fluffy cat called Eddie, the sun, the sea… lots of time

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